Reader Testimonial #1

A friend of mine read me a few poems from the book, and I just had to buy a copy of the book for myself.

- Mark Bolton

Reader Testimonial #4

Before reading the book I was feeling at my worst, now my life has changed for the better. I realize that I'm truly blessed.

- Mrs. Karen

Reader Testimonial #3

I was failing at the job and in my family life. There are lessons in your book that gave me the knowledge to survive my plight and move on with my life. The book had a profound impact on my life. Thank You.

- Justin H.

Reader Testimonial #2

Some guys were talking about the book they called it "The Ghetto Bible". I had to at least check it out. I was not disappointed.

- Tommy Tranis

Excerpt From "Heaven and Hell" by James Boston

Even though time changes and technology advances; the human mind always was a gift of amazement. We use less brain cells now than thousands of years ago. I hear many men speak of this. In this world of engines and telecommunications even King Tut will join the life of the rich and famous. As my ancestors made Pyramids to overcome immortality, today's men make buildings for financial power. We are all slaves to those faces on the dollar bills sending us to a less fortunate place. If a man dare speak for Black people he shall be assassinated for all to see. This land of opportunity must make you feel fear and have fear of the shadows of death. But at the same time you must feel no fear to risk your life for that almighty dollar. As we are born into this world our mothers shall suffer with pain and agony and for what reason?

Excerpt From "Heaven and Hell" by James Boston

As the world turns, I become older and wiser not from society but from long ongoing experiences.

(1) I will not fall for anything even though I will sometimes fall.

(2) I will stand for something even though I have the freedom not to stand.

(3) I will not listen to anything even though I can hear.

(4) I will sometimes say no to things that I want to say yes to.

Reader Testimonial #6

Heaven and Hell chronicles the consequences that people experience after making good and bad choices in life, some poetic dreams of profound influence and the real life struggle between Good & Evil.

- Jay W.

Reader Testimonial #5

Studying life has been a life journey for me, and I think I have read some powerful books. This book took me to another level.

- Shameek

Reader Testimonial #7

When I opened the book I didn't know what to expect. As I read the pages I just could not stop. It's like I had to read more! Your book was a real page-turner.

- Lorraine

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